This class is offered in ongoing 6-week sessions and is aimed at actors who have a solid foundation in acting.

You will learn and hone:

  • The secret to comedic timing
  • Physical comedy
  • Stillness in comedy
  • Multi-cam vs. single cam
  • Text analysis for comedy
  • Creating a character organically

The class is structured so that two hours will be spent putting up scenes (everybody gets up to work at least once per class), and one hour will be focused on innovative exercises designed to hone your comedic skills.  i.e. Analyzing text from prime time comedy scripts and then viewing the shows in class.

Tuition $325

Time:  7:15pm – 10:00 pm

Dates: Wednesdays, Sept 7th – Oct 26th, 2016 (Oct 14 bonus class, Oct 19th skipped class)

Location: Miracle Mile

TO REGISTER:   email: info (at) michaeldcohen (dot) com


How do you set yourself apart in an audition?  By creating specific moments that are riveting and authentic!  But sometimes we get stuck – we stay general because we’re just not sure how to make a scene our own, or worse, we think we’re being specific when we’re not.  This seminar will give you new tools for creating specificity in a scene by finding hidden clues in the script, using your own uniqueness to create character, and discovering how to be even more present in the audition.

SAG-AFTRA  5757 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, 90036

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JULY 15-17 – SAG-AFTRA Conservatory at the AFI

Michael will be participating in the following events. All events will be held at the American Film Institute in Hollywood. Attendees must be SAG-AFTRA Conservatory members.

July 15, 7 -10 p.m
With this year’s theme - Working from the Inside Out - the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory focuses the Summer Intensive on the craft of acting.  To that end, we are proud to provide a panel of teachers for our opening night gala who embody that principle. We will discuss the development, discipline, magic and maintenance of our instruments as actors.  This is your opportunity to enjoy a Q&A with some of LA’s finest acting teachers:  Michael D. Cohen, Yonda Davis, Jason George, Joseph Pearlman, Jamie Rose, and Suzanne Whang.

LESSONS FROM THE SETS OF GREAT TV COMEDIES - Michael moderates a panel of veteran rehearsal actors
SATURDAY July 16th 9:00-10:30am
What was it like to work on the sets of Seinfeld, Will & Grace, How I Met Your Mother, Married With Children, The King of Queens, Ellen and othersWhat did co-star, guest star, and series regular actors do behind the scenes and on set to either support or undermine their careers? Find out from Peggy Lane O’Rourke, Gita Isak, and Doug Maida who have made careers out of working side by side with the full casts on multi-cam comedies as stand-ins/rehearsal actors. Get the inside scoop from these observant colleagues on how actors thrive or dive on legendary sitcoms.

SUNDAY July 17th 9:00-10:30am
Comedic timing is like a dance – you have to feel the rhythm of the “music” to know when to speak and move. Gain insight into how to find the rhythm and tone along with practical skills to help you break down a comedic scene, execute the timing, and maximize your character’s laughs. Participants are encouraged to bring in a monologue or scene to work on, and a few volunteers will be selected to work with Michael and receive direction.

SUNDAY July 17th 10:45am-12:15pm
Forrest Gump. Karen Walker. Jack Sparrow. Miranda Priestly. How do the great actors offer up characters so specific, diverse and far from their own personalities? When should we play ourselves in a scene vs. adding specific behavior or speech that’s different than our own? What are the differences for character prep in comedy vs. drama? Participants are encouraged to bring in a monologue or scene to work on, and a few volunteers will be selected to work with Michael and receive direction.

HOW TO AVOID THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR – Michael moderates a conversation with Homeland  editor Jordan Goldman
SUNDAY July 17th 1:45-3:15pm
How can you make it easier for editors and directors to keep you in the final cut? Jordan will demystify the editing process as he explains the key things professional actors should — and shouldn’t do — to ensure their on-set performances make it to the screen. Jordan Goldman, A.C.E. has edited over 75 episodes of television, including Homeland, The Shield, Terriers, and 24: Live Another Day.