Two Transformational Days that Will Change Your Craft

Saturday, August 23rd- Sunday, August 24th
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Elephant Theatre, Hollywood

$225 if registered before Friday, July 25th
$250 if registered after Friday, July 25th

This weekend is inspiring, fun, challenging and honest – just like good comedy.  You will have the support, safety and structure for you to identify and transform blocks to expressing your brilliance.

You will deepen your technique in:
* Text analysis (comedic and dramatic)
* Finding the rhythm & pacing of a scene
* Nailing the jokes
* Making characters truthful, funny and organic

Using assigned scenes from TV and film comedies, you will work on camera twice per day and come away with a digital copy of your scenework.

“I am walking away with precious knowledge that I didn’t have before.  I really appreciated how invested Michael was in each of us and in our work and had no problem pushing us past our comfort zones. I was constantly learning, even when he was working with other actors. It was wondrous!”                                            – Bree Wasylenko, Series Regular “The Next Step”