The reality in Los Angeles is that in order to get your work known by casting directors, actors often have to attend casting director workshops. Many of these workshops ask actors to come prepared with a comedic or dramatic scene to perform one on one with the casting director. In this three hour class, you will bring in a scene that you want to work on for a casting workshop and get coaching from Michael so that you can be your absolute best.  The class is limited to 8 students. By watching others work their scenes, you will not only get insight into how to shape your scene, but also how to best select and prep for both workshops and auditions.

TUITION: $40 for one night (or $75 for both March 8th & 19th)

TIME: Sunday, March 8th 6:30-9:30p   or   Thursday, March 19th  7:15-10:15pm

LOCATION: Miracle Mile Area

TO REGISTER: Call (310) 866-eight nine eight six   or email:  info (at) michaeldcohen (dot) com

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