Two Transformational Days that Will Change Your Craft

Saturday, November 12th – Sunday, November 13th
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Space Station Casting Studio, Hollywood

Tuition:  $300

This weekend is inspiring, fun, challenging and honest – just like good comedy.  You will have the support, safety and structure for you to identify and transform blocks to expressing your brilliance. You will find that what you learn here will also transfer to your work in drama.

You will deepen your technique & knowledge in:
* Text analysis
* Finding the rhythm & pacing of a scene
* Nailing the jokes
* Making characters truthful, funny and organic
* On camera audition techniques
* Multi vs. single cam differences/similarities
* How to be “big” enough in multi-cam while still being truthful

Using assigned scenes from TV and film comedies, you will work on camera twice per day and come away with a digital copy of your scenework.

Class size is limited to 14 students max


“I am walking away with precious knowledge that I didn’t have before.  I really appreciated how invested Michael was in each of us and in our work and had no problem pushing us past our comfort zones. I was constantly learning, even when he was working with other actors. It was wondrous!”                                            – Bree Wasylenko, Series Regular “The Next Step”

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