Get the skills you need as an actor to book work on shows like iCarly, Austin & Ally, Kickin’ It, Raven and others.  One of the biggest challenges for casting directors is to find young actors who can be big and broad enough in their comedy, yet still be believable. If you can be funny and real at the same time, you have a good chance of competing for these roles.  This workshop will show you how. You will be assigned a scene from a Nick or Disney show in advance of this class so that you can come prepared to work on it.  You will learn how to:

  • find hidden clues in the sides to help you nail the audition
  • give a big, broad performance while being authentic
  • find and nail the jokes
  • relax and have more fun at the audition and when you book the role


A PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP for Actors, Dancers and Singers with Acting Coach Michael D. Cohen and Choreographer Tina Landon – AFTERNOON WORKSHOP

This is not a dance workshop. Or a singing workshop. Or even an acting workshop really. This is about performance. The key to performing is to show up – to share through your work through who you are inside and to connect with the audience.

Some celebrities are called “stars” because they shine. They are radiant because they are letting their inner light be seen. It’s not as easy as it looks because it can be scary to reveal ourselves – it can sometimes make us feel exposed and vulnerable. But that is where our power as performers lives and it’s important to work on if you want to really enjoy yourself as a performer.  So if you’re a dancer, you might find you’re not extending as much as the teacher says you should, or maybe you’re a singer who is holding back or pushing, or maybe you’re an actor and you’re having trouble memorizing lines or you’re not talking loudly enough. Those are all examples of performance issues. This workshop will help you become more confident in your body, voice and emotions so that you can let your brilliance be seen and you can shine.  Bring in a dance piece, a song, a monologue or a scene – in a safe and respectful environment, Michael and Tina will work on it with you to help you show up more fully and give you the confident to move through anything blocking your full expression as a performer.

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