THE ART OF SPECIFICITY – An Acting Workshop for AFAB Actors who are of trans experience or non-binary
Being of trans experience or non-binary, we know what it’s like to fight for authenticity.  This workshop will help merge what we know of our own authenticity with that of the characters we play. How do you set yourself apart in an audition? How do you serve the text while still making bold choices?  We all want the casting director and producers to see the unique contribution we can make to a role. But sometimes our efforts take us away from the story being told, or we stay general because we’re just not sure how to make it our own, or worse, we think we’re being specific when we’re not.   This seminar will help you assess your own process and give you new tools to meeting a role’s need for specificity. You will learn to find hidden clues in the script, use your uniqueness to create specific characters, and discover ways to be even more present in the audition.  Participants will bring in a comedic or dramatic scene or monologue of their choice. In the case of a scene, they will be assigned a reader.  There is room for 8 participants and unlimited auditors. This workshop is open to actors who are of trans experience or identify as non-binary and assigned female at birth. Anyone in this group interested in acting is welcome to attend, but those wanting to work on a scene or monologue in the workshop should have some acting training and/or experience.  
DATE:   November 8TH
TIME:   2pm-5pm PST / 5pm-8pm EST  on Zoom
Auditors – free – you can attend the class but not work on a scene/monologue.  
Participants – there are 8 spots open for actors to work on a scene or monologue. For those taking a working spot, you will be asked to make a sliding scale donation to 5050by2020  $10-$30

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